Anemone’s Gear Stolen in Portland – Please Share

Hey everyone – please see a note from Anemone below regarding their stolen gear in Porland and how you can help

***EDIT*** We have started a Gofundme page. Thanks so much for the endless support and messages, any help is appreciated

“Hello everyone, we are so sad and have no words to describe how desperate our band is feeling right now. We are on tour with POND in the USA and our van got broken into last night in Portland, in front of our Airbnb. They took everything, every last bit of our vintage gear and rental, the sentimental value of these is irreplaceable. They took our records. They took our guitars, keyboards, amps, drums, clothing. we are so sad, we don’t really know how to deal with the situation right now. if there is any way you can share this, help retrace our gear in Portland Oregon, have friends in Portland or any advice on how to deal with this kind of robbery, please help. The police won’t do any help. I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to continue the tour, i’m so heartbroken”

Ludwig 22” 13” 16”
60s zildjan 13” hi hat cymbals
60s zildjan 15” hi hat cymbals
60s zildjan 20” ride
1950 WFL 14” snare drum
SPDSX in Nanuk case
Pearl bass drum pedal
Roc n soc drum seat
1972 Gibson EB3 bass
Galien Kruger cab and bass amp
60s Mosrite 12 string guitar
Squire Strat II korean
Guitar pedal board
Dan electro 12 string guitar
Yamaha PS20 keyboard
Yamaha SK15 keyboard
Korg Delta keyboard
50 LPS and 45 CDS

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