Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay is a synth pop duo composed of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin, longtime collaborators who’ve been making music together since high school. The duo prides itself in its DIY approach to pop. Writing, recording, production, graphics, and even video work all come to life in their midtown LA apartment– some walls in their living room studio support speakers, others are obscured by green screens and second-hand lighting equipment.

Magdalena Bay has crafted a world born from arcade aesthetics, synthy sounds, and a passion for pop. “We created Magdalena Bay because we were tired of the moody, depressing pop on the radio. We definitely feel nostalgic for the dance pop of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s,” says Lewin. This aversion to monotony has led to an exciting collection of singles from Magdalena Bay, all of which show off the band’s song-crafting skills, lyrical prowess, and ability to transport listeners to a far away, bubblegum pop dreamscape.

mini mix vol. 1 is the first of its kind for the band, a collection of 6 “mini songs”, each paired with a music video. “The mini mix project started because we were getting frustrated every time we finished a great song,” explains Tenenbaum. “When you finish a track, weeks, months, or even years can pass until the right moment comes along for a single release. We wanted to see what would happen if we challenged ourselves to very quickly write weird, short songs and very quickly make weird, short music videos for them. What if we could just release songs into the world without getting sucked into our own heads?” An 80’s synth ballad, 2000’s-inspired dance track, and tropical indie song in Spanish are some of the varying colors in the pop rainbow that is Magdalena Bay’s mini mix. “We’ve loved the freedom of the mini songs, of not having to worry about genre and the usual 3-minute structure of the standard pop song,” says Lewin. This freedom comes through in mini mix vol. 1. The 6 tracks, though distinct, all soar with a sense of unbridled excitement that can only stem from creative abandon. As the “vol. 1” in the title suggests, the duo won’t be done making mini songs any time soon.

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